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Nova Family Offices


Nova Family Offices  is an exclusive, invitation and referral-only family office. We foster a distinguished community of members who align with our vision, perpetuating a tradition of wealth stewardship, professional collaboration, and social engagement.

Nova Family Offices is a distinguished private family office dedicated to creating, preserving, and growing wealth for the NBPA, the NBA, NFL and it’s players along with the F-1, PGA and  ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) clients. Supported by a robust $17 billion backing and a legacy of sustained double-digit returns, we serve as a trusted steward of wealth, providing a multifaceted platform for investment, knowledge, and networking in the exclusive world of UHNW individuals and families.


Core Values

Integrity: Our actions are guided by the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct. We have a strict set of values and philosophy that all our members must abide by.

Stewardship: We are committed to safeguarding and growing our clients’ wealth over the long term in an unparalleled manor.

Customized Services: Recognizing the unique nature of each client’s financial landscape, we tailor our services to meet individual needs and objectives.

Confidentiality: Upholding strict confidentiality and discretion is fundamental to our operations.

Innovation: We continually leverage cutting-edge financial technology to improve our services and optimize client outcomes.


Exclusive Financial Instruments

We offer our investors access to specific financial instruments and investment opportunities not typically available to the public, such as purchasing professional sports teams, investment in film and VFX, web 3 technologies, venture capital, and real estate projects. Our fund is partnered with TD/Bank and JP Morgan on our financial instruments for our clients security and comfort.

Global Luxury Meetings & Accommodations

We cultivate an exclusive community by hosting investor meetings at luxury homes worldwide, with free weeks and stays available to our esteemed family members, creating a unique blend of business and leisure experiences.

Comprehensive Educational Programs

Our 7-pillar educational program encompasses essential topics – health, wealth, taxes, trusts, relationships, philanthropy, and longevity. These courses, taught monthly by industry-leading experts, arm our clients with knowledge to manage their wealth and life holistically.

Estate Planning

Our world class experts in estate management ensure the smooth transition and preservation of wealth for future generations. We are highly observant of micro and macro economic, along with geo-political happenings.

TD BANK/JP MORGAN Lender Partnerships

We work with short term and bridge lenders to provide them with as asset just as secure as physical real estate with an 8% return per annum. The lender has first lien on a world class bank account backed by a 17Bn dollar hedge fund with the option of liquidity as they can pull out whenever they choose.

Family Governance

We support clients with family charters, succession planning, family business advisory, and conflict resolution, solidifying the longevity of their familial wealth and values.

Hedge Fund Management

We operate a trademarked hedge fund with a track record of double-digit returns per year over the course of 21 years. We exercise prudent risk management while striving for growth. It’s important to note that past performance is not indicative of future returns and there can be no guarantees. We also can utilize whole life insurance (infinite banking) for an un-paralleled downside protection for our clients. Our Funds consist of:

  • Purple Ocean (60% hedge fund, 20% real estate, 20% venture capital)
  • Paralight (60% hedge fund, 20% film, 20% real estate)
  • Nova (60 hedge fund, 40% sports and entertainment)

Philanthropy Advisory

Our commitment to social responsibility is manifested in our philanthropic efforts, as we donate to various charitable initiatives worldwide and provide expert advice to clients looking to do the same.

Sports Management

In partnership with elite athletes and organizations across the NBA, the NFL, FIFA, and F-1, we offer specialized wealth management and financial advisory services. We also work with sponsorships from some of the most well known brands in the world.

Chola Program

We are able to fund 90% of approved projects as clients bring in 10%. The funding is private with an interest rate of 5% over 10 years utilizing a bespoke draw down schedule.

Tax Planning & Advisory

Our team devises strategic tax efficiency strategies tailored to each client’s unique financial profile protecting themselves and their families far into the future regardless of micro/macro economic, or geopolitical conditions.

Feeder Funds

We offer services to create feeder funds for clients and RIA’s. We also offer to  purchase RIA’s.


The Legion Universe

Five Superhero Franchises Based on a Stan Lee Creation Merge into One Universe

We have created a new Super-Powered Universe with an initial 5 feature films (LEGION (Created by Stan Lee), SPEED OF LIGHT, POWERS OF THE PAST, QUENTIN HOLLOW AND DISCOVERY). We plan to grow and expand like the Marvel Universe and bring this new Universe to theater screens, computer screens, tablet screens and to your phone. Join us as we create the films, video games, comic books, novels, augmented reality, virtual reality, NFTs and step into the metaverse!


Created by Stan Lee: A scientist working on the creation of super-soldiers experiments on prisoners and succeeds. In the military struggle to stop the super villains, five young students are exposed and develop super powers. The young heroes struggle with life while they are assembled as the only hope to regain control.


Bree Powers, a teenager, is struck by lightning and goes into a coma. Two days later she wakes in a hospital bed, but has been living the life of an ancient magic user’s apprentice for many years. Her connection to the apprentice brings magic back and dangers the world has not faced for over 4000 years.


A small town called Mountain Hollow has secrets. Quentin, a young schoolboy, learns that he inherited magical abilities from an ancestor who had opened a doorway to a fantastical world filled with magical creatures. Quentin reopens the doorway and learns that nothing around him is as it seems.


Traveling the speed of light traumatizes Pierce Black and he falls into a coma. When he wakes his mind is no longer trapped by time and he has enhanced physical abilities. As he learns to control his new abilities he discovers his wife’s death was not an accident and her killers are after him.


Devon is convinced to join an expedition in South America which has uncovered an ancient library with records describing incredible technologies of the past. Devon translates writings describing immortality and advanced technologies and unlocks a force that could destroy the civilized world.

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About Us

Nova Family Offices is an exclusive, invitation and referral-only family office. We foster a distinguished community of members who align with our vision, perpetuating a tradition of wealth stewardship, professional collaboration, and social engagement.

Our Team

Our team comprises seasoned professionals across various disciplines: financial advisors, tax consultants, estate planners, risk management experts, philanthropy advisors, and sports management professionals. Collaborations with external experts like lawyers, accountants, and real estate professionals ensure comprehensive service delivery.


We employ advanced wealth management software to optimize our operations, provide real-time reporting, and facilitate sound decision-making. We prioritize the use of secure digital platforms to ensure stringent data security and client confidentiality utilizing web 2 and web 3 technology.

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